Back To School...

Submitted by Nick on Tue, 09/11/2018 - 09:31

It would seem that the need for cyber security professionals is a high demand these days. I ran across an article on which talked about the number of people willing to go back to school to get certified, up-skill or even re-skill. A survey that was conducted by Champlain College Online, noted that out of 1000+ people that took the survey 41% of them would consider returning to college to earn a certificate or degree in cybersecurity. However, these percentages rose to 72% if assistance was given by their employer to up-skill the employee.

This was interesting to me because I'm doing that exact thing. Currently I hold a A.A.S in Broadcast Journalism, while this may not amount to much in and of itself, but I also have over 20 years of technological experience. Growing up in the early stages of the World Wide Web, I taught myself how to code HTML from there CSS and other scripts. Once I got into the workforce, I quickly began to realize that in order to advance my career in IT and web development I needed to have the proper education for it. I also learned that there is only so much that can be self taught before you need a proper education to carry on in the world of technology. I am currently working for full time for an internet retailer, who has decided not only that they want my skills to stick around, but that they also want to see my skills increase. If I had not had the position I do now with them, there is a very good chance I may have never even thought about going back to school. 

The demand for cybersecurity related positions is here, and it's here to stay. As we get more and more technologically advanced so do the attackers and the attacks on major companies and governments. It is because of this, there will always be a need for the defenders that are at the peak of their game. Freshly trained recruits, skilled and up-skilled veterans, even re-skilled professionals like myself can and will be able to look forward to a career with job security.